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SME Awards, Custom Websites | Award Winning Web Agency | Pay Monthly Plans

Best Web Design Agency - East Midlands 2022

SME Awards, Custom Websites | Award Winning Web Agency | Pay Monthly Plans

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SME Awards, Custom Websites | Award Winning Web Agency | Pay Monthly Plans

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SME Awards, Custom Websites | Award Winning Web Agency | Pay Monthly Plans

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Business Excellence Edited, Custom Websites | Award Winning Web Agency | Pay Monthly Plans

What We Offer You


As experts on pay monthly websites, here are some valuable insights and guidance on the topic. Pay monthly websites have gained popularity recently due to their affordability and flexibility. Here’s what you need to know:

Pay monthly websites offer a budget-friendly alternative to the traditional upfront payment model. Instead of paying a large sum upfront, you can spread the cost over a fixed period, typically on a monthly basis.

This makes it easier for businesses, startups, and individuals to get a professional website without a significant financial burden.

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Pricing Explained

We firmly believe in offering fair and transparent pricing for our pay monthly website plans. We understand that cost is a significant consideration for small businesses and individuals who want a professional website, and we want to make it accessible to everyone.

Over the years, we have built many different websites for a diverse range of clients, and we are proud to offer pricing that reflects what someone would pay as an upfront cost. We don’t believe in charging exorbitant fees for our services or hiding costs in the fine print. Instead, we strive to be upfront and honest about our pricing, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Our commitment to fair and transparent pricing means that you can get a professional website that meets your needs and fits your budget. We are dedicated to providing high-quality services that help to grow your business and make your online presence stand out. So why not sign up for one of our pay monthly website plans today and experience the benefits of fair and transparent pricing for yourself?

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Our Pricing Values

  • Clearly stated pricing that is easy to understand

  • No hidden fees or charges
  • All costs are itemised and broken down
  • Pricing is based on industry standards and competitive rates
  • Transparent pricing policies and terms, clearly communicated

Choose your Award Winning All-Inclusive Pay Monthly Plans Here

Basic Plan

If You Like A Lot Of DIY
Then Choose This Plan

starting at £59/Monthly

Premium Plan

For Those Who Want Everything Done For Them
Then This Plan Is For You

starting at £99/monthly

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Power Boost Your Online Presence

Standard Plan

If You Like A Little DIY
Then Choose This Plan

starting at £79/Monthly

How it all works - 3 Amazingly Simple Steps

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Step One

Explore each plan above and take notes to decide which one will best meet your requirements. We can fine-tune the plans for you where possible.

Contract 1, Custom Websites | Award Winning Web Agency | Pay Monthly Plans
​Step Two

​Request a copy of our simple Agreement to see how genuinely fair it is.  As you will see it protects both parties. Ask any questions you want.

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Step Three

Decide on the Best Pay Monthly website plan for you, then let’s get creating your fast, smart-looking and high-converting website today.

How we work with you

We get to know you and your business goals and key message

We spend time learning about your business and what goals and results you want. The more detail you give us the better the result.

You get a solution strategy focused website proven to convert sales

Our service is comprehensive - we design, and create your website to boost enquiries and sales through proven design strategies..

Viewing your website as it is designed & created

Importantly you see our work as your website creation progresses from the first draft within 7 days of sign up. To the finished website.

What Our Clients Say

Now is the time to take your online presence to the next level with a splash

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We’ve had a massive influx of customers at the moment, primarily through our new website. We’ve gone up on the list on google regarding our competitors when you search for gun shops. I’m really happy with the results since we’ve had the site made.
Chris Walton
Lincolnshire Gun Shop


What a relief for us to have this company recommended to us. We were really keen to present ourselves in a professional manner and they listened to what we wanted the site to look like. Asked us plenty of questions and then enabled us to see the website as it was developing.
Steve Bulleyment
The Car Key Man


The Amazing Website Company produced a fantastic bespoke website which suited my needs perfectly. If I have any amendments that need making they are very quick to respond and sort anything out promptly. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
Neil Flower

Frequently Asked Questions

Why All Inclusive Pay Monthly Is The Way To Go
Your concerns addressed right here

The agreement is designed to protect both of us.

Our USP is that at the end of the 36-month agreement, your website is paid for and you are presented with the option of a free redesign/refresh based on the research that websites greatly benefit from updating/modernising around the 3-year mark.

See the video that explains exactly how it works for you

The only caveat with us is that to benefit from this option a new 36-month agreement is started. Or you can move to a reduced rolling monthly payment option, but no refresh/redesign option is available. If the choice of no redesign/refresh is taken, then the monthly fee you have been paying would be reduced accordingly.

See The Full Details of the rolling monthly price here 

At the end of the 36 month agreement you own the website.

And if you needed to cut the 36-month agreement early, due to changing circumstances, then on notification from you, we would work out how much of the initial cost of the website design and build (which traditionally is paid in full upfront) has been paid back and the amount not yet recuperated would still be left owing. It is based on the car leasing business model.

So, if you no longer need a website due to changing circumstances you are not trapped in an agreement. You just pay the balance outstanding on the website design and build payment that you would have paid in full upfront anyway.

Monthly payments then cease.

Website Plans & Prices details here 

If paying monthly is good enough for your  TV Channels, your Gym Membership, your Smartphone then it’s good enough for your business website.

On average around 80% of adults pay between £40 to £60 a month for their Smartphone.

Why do we pay £60 each month for our Smartphone over a 3 year contract? 

Because we get to enjoy all the benefits of our Smartphone without having to fork out £2,000 upfront.

So, why not business websites as well.

See the video that explains exactly how it works for you

And remember as your website is a business expense it’s also tax deductable as tyour accountant will tell you.

Well, they can be, it depends on how big and how many bells and whistles you want added. When Marks & Spencer had their website redesigned a few years back it cost £150 million. As that may be above your budget maximum then we can offer a number of options that would best suit your budget and your requirements.

See the video that explains exactly how it works for you

We offer a choice of Bespoke Plans, that cater for those who like to edit their own website, although we also offer cost effective Update Plans if you’d rather leave the updating to our experts . Please contact us for full details of the Bespoke Plans.

We also offer Pay Monthly plans where everything is included in one affordable monthly fee, which is great for budgeting and cashflow.

We know that not every small business has thousands to spend on a professional website, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. We call it our levelling up option.

It’s always your choice, we believe you shouldn’t pay for anything you don’t need, so look at our plans and choose the best one for your current business needs and the options and results you want.

With us you don’t have to pay thousands upfront. 

See the video that explains exactly how it works for you

With Pay Monthly plans you just start off with the initial monthly payment of that plan then continue from month two through to month 36. 

We believe in total transparency on pricing so that you know exactly what you are getting for your online investment. And, importantly, you only pay for what you need.

Click here to see the affordable prices of our Pay Monthly Plans

Around 4 to 12 weeks usually. Although the timescale depends on the scale of the project, its complexity, the delivery of your content (text and images) and feedback. Based on your requirements and any specialist functions you need we’ll tell you how long things will take.

We usually have a lead time of around 2 weeks. This is usually the time when clients supply us with their website copy and images. Once you have made the first payment we will have scheduled your project into our workflow.

To get started we need all the text based content for the website, as well as the images you may want to use. If you already have branding in place, then we will need vector versions of your logo, colour values, font type if you have a preference and any other branding material you may have. We can advise you on this.

We will give you a checklist of the content we need from you in order to create your ideal professional website.

The website will be built with WordPress, which is a user friendly Content Management System, so you can if you want to.  We even supply you with easy to follow video tutorials for step-by-step instruction.

Or you could just take advantage of the fact your All Inclusive Website Plan has your website editing and updating covered.

All part of the service and your affordable monthly payment.

With us you get a choice. If you need a new website then start as you mean to go on for ease, peace of mind and affordability. 

See the video that explains exactly how it works for you

If you’re happy with your website currently , but have lost faith in the web agency then we can transfer your website and email accounts as well over to our state-of-the-art super fast hosting servers.

You also get the full works regarding website care and the updating of your website content.

All function software, such as plugins and the WP Core and database optimisation is carried out twice weekly to keep your website fully optimsed and secure.

So, if you want to maximise your cashflow and minimise current spend then Pay Monthly would work best for you. You also get the added benefit of not having to find time from your busy week to keep everything on your website up to date, because you just tell us what changes to any wording and images you want and we do it for you.

All part of your Pay Monthly Plan. You just need to give us a few days to schedule the work into our workflow. So, best not to tell us on the 24th of the month that you need the updated content live on the website by the 25th. A little bit of forward planning goes a long way.

These plans are all inclusive so managed hosting and hacking protection and repair are also included. Plus with our 36 month agreements you get to take advantage of a free refresh/redesign at month 36.

Click here for the Design & Build Plans

Click here for the Hosting, Updating & Maintenance Plans

The choice is always yours.

You are free to focus on your business. And save money.

With a Pay Monthly Plan there will be no more of your time and effort expended in keeping your website up to date.

See the video that explains exactly how it works for you

Let’s be honest. You’ll get too busy. Too tired. Distracted. You won’t do it.

And let’s face it nothing gives people the wrong impression of your business being unprofessional quicker than an out of date website.

It’s highly likely that your specialism isn’t web design, so pour your energy and time into working on your business and not your business website.

The Pay Monthly route is a small manageable business overhead that you will receive tax relief on in your end of year accounts. Use that reality to channel your efforts into growing your business.

And don’t fall for the old DIY myth, thinking you can save money by building your website yourself. The combination of the cost of your time at your usual price per hour plus, you still end up with your online business image looking amateurish. And missing the legal requirements.  This will cost you dear.

At the end of the day, you never want someone to land on your website and think, “Hmm, looks like they built this themselves.” Which, let’s be honest, even in a world of DIY, no one actually wants something to look DIY. 

You deserve to give your business the best chance of success.

And the Pay Monthly route means that chance is more affordable than ever.

Affordability without compromise.

We work regularly with a professional copywriter who will be available to do this for you at their own price. We will introduce you to them and as they are one of our trusted partners you can be confidents at getting the job done with quality at a fair price.

Alternatively, if you have the key skills of effective copywriting you can create and produce this yourself.

Please have the written content ready prior to your website design and build plan starting.

Your website content is required in order to determine your website design, so it is crucial that we have this in order to start your website design and build.

There are certain legal requirements that are needed to be visible on your website.

A Privacy Policy needs to be in place and of course all websites need to be GDPR compliant.

We ensure these are done and the web pages required to create these do not count as part of your page allowance. As the legal’s need to be there then it wouldn’t be fair to have them use up any of your page allowance for your website build.

It would also include Terms & Conditions if you have an eCommerce website.

It also includes having your registered business number in place in the footer area if you are a limited company. And the VAT number if registered.

Our aim to is to make sure you don’t need to worry about such things being in place. We make sure they are for your peace of mind.

Our vision and aim is to genuinely help new business start ups, small businesses, consultants and trades people have the professional online presence they deserve without it costing them a small fortune. We know cash flow is crucial and low overheads are vital.

See the video that explains exactly how it works for you

We have worked hard to create our Web Design Agency so that it can benefit fellow local businesses to achieve success for their hard work.

All website packages include website design and build, your website is designed with our 7 Step Sales Framework at its core. Also included is service, maintenance, website updating within your package allowance, secure and fast SSL encrypted managed hosting and a free domain name for life.

Fair and honest pricing that gives maximum value for money. Let’s have a ‘no obligation’ chat about how it could really take your business to the next level.

We will be happy to redesign your website with the latest technologies and modern design, using the contents of your old website, such as images and text, if desired.

Redesigning a website using the content available means it can be possible to create a new website within 28 days or less. Call us and let us see your current website and we can give you an accurate assessment for free.

In principle, we offer our customers an all-round carefree package when creating the website. Nevertheless, it is helpful for the subsequent success of your website if we receive information from you on the following points:

  •  Does a domain or internet address already exist?
  •  Which products and services do you offer and for which target market?
  •  How many menu items should the website contain?
  •  Are there already text and images available?
  •  Is there a corporate identity or logo?
  •  Is there an example website that you like and on which we can base our initial work on for you?

Your discovery consultation is carefully designed to explore and list all of your requirements that will deliver the professional website your business deserves.

With our Pay Monthly plans there are no additional costs at all.  The monthly fee is all inclusive of all website design, build hosting and updating.

See the video that explains exactly how it works for you

Click Here to see plans for full details.

Step 1.

The Design Brief

We take a detailed brief from you to understand exactly what you need and want. We then send you an agreement that contains all details and the agreed estimated timeline.

Step 2.

The Design & Build

On receipt of the signed agreement, the initial payment to trigger the project commencement along with the website content you want us to use, we design and build the website on one of our design & build servers.

Step 3.

You become involved with the Design & Build

You then receive regular email updates that contain a link so you can view and assess your website build. This gives you the opportunity to feed back to us what you want adding, removing, changing or adjusting. We have found that this speeds up your website design and build and means that you end up with the website you want.

Step 4.

Your website is finalised.

The design and build is completed and fully tested, again with your involvement. This stage is crucial as we ensure that everything works as it should for you to receive the best return on your investment.

Step 5.

Your website launches and goes live.

We help you get your new website launched and hitting the ground running. We give you full guidance on how best to launch your brand new shiny website for maximum exposure as quickly as possible.

Our service is aimed in particular at small businesses,  medium-sized companies, the self-employed, trades people, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and start ups.

So, we are here for all those who have a need for a quality website and want to have it created professionally for a fair price, for example due to a lack of time or the lack of modern web design knowledge and skill. 

We also pride ourselves on high quality service and after care – see our testimonials.

For us, quality, good service and getting results should not have to be expensive, just great, honest value for money.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

​Make sure your website is professionally designed. We can create a stunning, functional and highly-converting website for you and your business – and for less than you think. In manageable monthly payments with a free redesign option included.

​At last! You can have the professional website you’ve always deserved without the crazy upfront fees.

​Partner with a web agency who is as serious as you are about growing your business!

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