Do I Need a Website If I Have a Facebook Business Page?

If you find yourself wondering, “do I need a website,” the answer is a  resounding yes!

With all the latest social media hype, it’s common for many businesses to rely on social media platforms such as Facebook as their main source of online advertisement. They wouldn’t be wrong to create multiple social media accounts for their business either. It’s imperative that every business has social media in today’s world.

With that being said, a Facebook business page is a must for any business. It is a great way to build a larger audience and discover your main audience. However, a Facebook business page should not take the place of your company’s website.

Your company cannot thrive off of a business Facebook page alone. You need your website to be the backbone of your company’s online presence. Still not convinced.

Continue reading below for all the reasons why you still need a website for your business!

Facebook Always Has the Control 

It seems that within each year that passes, Facebook comes up with new ways to change or morph its terms and conditions. This even happens multiple times during just one year. This is something that they do easily because they don’t need to ask anyone’s permission before doing so.

If the changes are something that you have a problem with, then your only option is not to use Facebook for a business page. And Facebook won’t be harmed by this if this is the decision you make. Facebook always has control, and when using its platform, you have no choice but to go along.

When a non-Facebook user clicks on your business page, they will see this after scrolling down a bit.

  1. Facebook will want them to log in or create an account.
  2. Liking and commenting will be disabled.
  3. They won’t be able to message you (unless they have Facebook Messenger enabled separately).
  4. They won’t be able to make an appointment.

Social Media Should Support Your Website

It’s important to note that aside from giving up some control when using social media platforms, they’re still important to have. The only difference here is that you should use them to support your website, not take its place. To do so, use your Facebook business page to promote your website.

You want people to access your Facebook page and then click over to your website to browse your products or list of services and learn more about why your company is so amazing. Once you get people to visit your website, you can influence them to become customers in whatever way you see best.

You won’t have to worry about following specific terms and conditions when creating marketing content on your page. Visitors will see what you want them to see each time they visit your website and click on a specific page. This is going to be the best way to convert visitors into new clients.

Facebook Is a Constant Competition

When only using a Facebook page, you’re in constant competition with a large number of other businesses. With so many businesses turning to social media, the platform has more content and advertisements than one person could ever take in.

Not only do you have to compete with other businesses’ advertisements, but you also have to compete with your possible clients’ Facebook friends. With advertisements being thrown into their newsfeed, they can easily be distracted from clicking your ad if their friend recently posted something more interesting.

On your website, you have a person’s full attention. You’re not in competition with anyone else. Sure, you might have to do some work to guide them there in the first place, but once you do, you’ve got it in the bag.

Your Website Is Important in Marketing 

Your company’s website is an important part of your marketing strategy. Your website is essentially the backbone of your entire marketing campaign. Your main goal should be using other advertising gimmicks to direct traffic to your website.

That’s exactly what your Facebook page’s main goal should be: get potential clients back to the website where they can convert to clients. It’s your website that provides all of the essential information about your business.

What are your morals?

What’s your company’s main goal?

What type of products and services do you offer?

These are all the questions that your website should be answering. For example, your social media is where you can give a brief explanation of what your business is. However, when visitors have more questions concerning your products or services, they should be directed to your website, where they can find all of the answers.

Your Website Builds Credibility 

Have you ever considered working with or purchasing from a certain company but couldn’t find a website for them? Think about how this made you feel. If a business doesn’t have a website, are they even credible?

Sure, they can be, but that’s not how most people will view the situation. Without a proper website, many people will see your business as being a scam or not a credible enough business to work with. A website that shows people your mission is is a great way to build trust.

Still Asking Yourself, “Do I Need a Website?”

Do you still find yourself wondering, “do I need a website?” We hope that after reading through this guide, you can better understand the difference between a Facebook business page and an actual business website.

Although social media accounts are important and a great tool for building your audience, they should never replace your business’ website.